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Silvaysan Capsules

Silvaysan Capsules

Administration form:  Capsules
for oral intake
Preparation group:  Herbal preparation
Active ingredient:  Milk-thistle dry extract, refined and standardised
Composition:  1 Capsule contains: 136 - 160 mg Milk-thistle dry extract, refined and standardised (50-70:1) equivalent to 86,6 mg Silymarin, taken into account for Silibinin (extractive substance: acetone). Standardisation material: dextrose 0 to 24 mg. Other constituents: highly dispersed silica, dextrose, lactose 1 H2O, magnesium stearate, gelatin, purified water.
Indication:  Supporting treatment of chronic inflammatory liver diseases and cirrhosis of the liver as well as toxic liver damage.
This remedy is not intended for treatment of acute poisoning.
Characteristics:  Silymarins therapeutic effects are based on two targets or modes of action: Silymarin changes the structure of the outer cell membrane of the hepatocytes in such a way that hepatotoxins cannot enter into the cell. Silymarin stimulates the activity of the nucleolar polymerase A, resulting in an increased ribosomal protein synthesis, thus stimulating the regenerative power of the liver and the neogenesis of hepatocytes.
Application:  Adults and adolescents from the age of 12 take 3x daily 1 capsule (Milk thistle dry extract corresponding to 260 mg Silymarin) Silvaysan
whole with sufficient liquid (e.g. a glass of water).
Side effects:  Occasionally, gastrointestinal complaints, such as nausea or a mild laxative effect are observed. In rare cases hypersensitivity reactions such as rash, itching, breathing difficulties may occur.
Contraindications:  Silvaysan should not be administered if cases of hypersensitivity against milk-thiste and/or other compositae as well as any oft he ingredients are known. Do not take Silvaysan during pregnancy.
Interactions with other remedies:  Please consult your doctor or pharmacist if you are or were recently taking other medicinal products or, even if they were not prescription medicines, as an interaction cannot be ruled out.
Due to the improved liver functions while taking Silvaysan the metabolization of medicines that are taken concurrently can be altered, so that the dosage might need to be adjusted.
Simultaneous intake of Silvaysan and Amiodaron (drug for treatment of cardiac arrhythmia) may lead to an increased antiarrhythmic effect of Amiodaron.
Precautions:  As with all medications and due to the variations of clinical studies, professional medical advice should be sought prior to recommending this product to women during pregnancy or breastfeeding, as well as with children.
Advice:  This product contains lactose.
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