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Administration form:  Tablets for oral intake
Preparation group:  Mineral & trace elements
Active ingredient:  sodium bicarbonate
Composition:  1 tablet contains: 1 g sodium bicarbonate.
Other constituents: lactose, cellulose, potato starch, magnesium stearate, sodium saccharine, gum arabic, maltodextrin, peppermint oil.
According to experience, to be administered in cases of:  As with all registered homeopathic remedies, therapeutic indications are not stated.
Application:  Take 1 tablet 3x daily with water. Generally, an interval of one tot wo hours should be observed between the administration of Alkala T and other medicaments.
Side effects:  Often there is a feeling of fullness and belching after taking Alkala T. Prolonged use can promote the formation of calcium and magnesium phosphate stones in the kidneys.
Contraindications:  Alkala T must not be taken in cases of known intolerance of one of the other constituents. In cases of disorders oft he acid-base balance (alkalosis), potassium deficiency or if on a sodium reduced diet, Alkala T must not be taken.
Due to the risk of a stomach rupture, Alkala T must not be taken in cases of acid burn to the stomach.
Interactions with other remedies:  The absorption and excretion of weak acids and bases can be influenced through the increasing pH value in the stomach and urine.
Functional interactions are possible with gluco- and mineralocorticoids, androgens and diuretics which increase the excretion of potassium.
Attention should be paid to a possible influence on the solubility of medicaments which are eliminated via the urine (e.g. Ciprofloxazin).
Precautions:  As with all medications and due to the variations of clinical studies, professional medical advice should be sought prior to recommending this product to women during pregnancy or breastfeeding, as well as with children.
Patients suffering from the rare hereditary galactose-intolerance, Lactase-deficiency or glucose-galactose malabsorption should not take Alkala T tablets.
Advice:  Contains lactose.
Incompatibilities:  Due to the high alkaline pH-value, Alkala T tablets are incompatible with most medicinal products. Especially the combination with solutions containing potassium, magnesium or phosphate can lead to precipitation.
Special precautions for storage:  Do not store above 25 C
How supplied:  Packs of 20 tablets;
Packs of 100 tablets
Date of:  01/2018