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In dieser Rubrik beantworten wir Fragen, die uns zu den SANUM-Arzneimitteln und deren Verordnung gestellt werden.

» Questions concerning products
Can I prescribe NOTAKEHL to patients allergic to penicillin?
Yes, with the following remark: Penicillin is a secondary metabolic product of Penicillium chrysogenum (notatum), discovered by A. Flemming. NOTAKEHL, by contrast, contains apathogenic forms of Penicillium chrysogenum as an active ingredient, and not the metabolic product penicillin. Therefore, an allergic reaction is not to be expected. In order to eliminate the patients’ fears and, at the same time, to avoid excretion reactions due to overdosage, we recommend to prescribe one drop per embrocation into the cubital fossa initially. During the subsequent course of treatment, the drop count is slowly increased.

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