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In dieser Rubrik beantworten wir Fragen, die uns zu den SANUM-Arzneimitteln und deren Verordnung gestellt werden.

» Questions concerning products
Mucokehl, Nigersan and Notakehl injections are available in the potencies of 5X, 6X, and 7X. What do you recommend regarding their application?
First of all, the active substance is the same in the different potencies of each preparation.

In homeopathy, the first step is always choosing the correct preparation for a patient. As a golden rule one might say that the potencies of 5X and 6X are used the most often. 7X would be recommended for very sensitive patients. Some practitioners start with a 7X and then slowly increase to 6X and finally, 5X. In this case, the difference between die provided potencies is not very significant.

Of course, one might also determine the best potency for a patient by testing.

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