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Can you freeze SANUM products?

The active ingredients are not harmed if they are frozen. Since the substances are protein structures, the frozen condition even preserves them. Nevertheless, capsules and tablets should not be frozen, as with every thawing process water from the surrounding air moisture condensates around the product or, in the case of capsules, even inside of the capsule shell. This increases the risk of a microbiological contamination.
In the case of drops and ampoules there is more of a risk of glass breakage. The containers have not been developed for freezing. Therefore freezing may cause tensions in the glass, which could even burst the container.
Ointment tubes are also not suitable for freezing.

Conclusion: One-time freezing surely does not pose a problem. In the case of repeated freezing and thawing however, we cannot guarantee the quality of the products, especially that of tablets and capsules.

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